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Are you ready to gain mental clarity, relieve stress and feel like a Zen master in just 30 days?
Learn how you can go from overwhelmed and stressed out, to being at peace.

All without an extensive, hard to learn routine.
We know you're over-worked, over-tired, and stressed.
Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
We all want to take our lives and mental health into our own hands. In just 30 days, we show you how.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of self-help books out there.
You may have even bought a few of them in the past, and have yet to get the results you need.

With this eBook, we will teach you to...
• Stop stressing about the things in your life you can’t change. 
• Love your body for what it is (and give it what it needs to thrive instead of just survive).
• Become a healthier, happier, more peaceful version of yourself.
• Make a personalized Self-Care routine for a healthier mind and body.

We give you easy to follow, REAL advice based off of experience and fact, rather than hypothetical solutions.

You might even be shocked by some of the content that we give you.

With over 40 inspiring quotes from amazing authors, singers, writers and thinkers, we show you the world through the thoughts of those who have been there. Each day has knowledge handed down from well know, inspiring people from around the world to keep you motivated, and looking forward to each day.

Hey guys, my name is Leah Harris.
I am the founder of a Natural Endeavor and author of 30 Days to Inner Peace. I personally struggled to find the kind of peace I have always needed in my life, and recently, that has greatly changed.

I want to share with you the steps I have taken to become a healthier, happier, more peaceful woman. I walk you through our easy to follow, guided steps each day that over time, will improve your quality of life and the way you see yourself, and the world around you.
Get the tools that helped me to: let go of my pent up feelings, relieve stress and tension in my body, and recover from near constant anxiety.
Here's how it works...
Each day starts with a motivational quote to get you in the mindset for each lesson.
The daily lesson gives you everything you need to start making steps toward a better life,
and the challenge pages give you a way to apply everything you will be learning.

If you order today, you will also get these 2 free BONUS eBooks: 
Bonus #1                                                 Bonus #2
Guide to Building a Self-Care routine:
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Healthier Body & Mind:
worth $15, your gift for FREE.
Here is what people are saying about 30 Day's to Inner Peace!
Reading 30 days to inner peace has truly been a breath of fresh air. Winter is hard. January is hard. I tend to get into a big rut. The timing of this book was perfect. Each day I looked forward to how the words on the pages would help me regain focus. I want to be intentional in every aspect of my life. 30 days to inner peace helped me to bring my focus back to intention, among other things!

Suzy M. - Photographer
30 Days to Inner Peace e-book has really helped me realize what things I need to take out of my life and how I can balance my life so I can strive for that inner peace. In a world that is always so busy and so constant, this is something that everyone needs. At the end of each day, there is room to write your thoughts and reflections, how you are feeling and how you can do better. This is a great book and very well written, thank-you Leah!
Megan T.-
30 Days to Inner Peace is truly helpful refreshing guidance. It’s like working with your own personal life coach, but with the freedom of working through it on a personal level and at your own pace. The entire workbook is enlightening and productive on deeply influential and meaningful levels. Every piece is relevant to living intentionally and manifesting your best life. It can be overwhelming attempting to apply life advice consistently. This book is a humble step-by-step approach to tapping into that inner wisdom and peace of mind. I’m genuinely grateful for what I’ve gotten out of working through this eBook, and I highly recommend it. 

Nikki M. - Vitamin dept. assistant Mngr
Leah has created a concise and contemplative book to help you refocus your life on what really matters. Through thoughtful messages and action-driven reflections, her 30 day guide will push you to reevaluate your daily life, and show you how just a few changes can lead you to the inner peace that you deserve.
30 Days to Inner Peace is a wonderful guide to help you recenter your life. In reading this book, I have found myself being more aware of my everyday actions, and how I can change them to help me be more at rest in this crazy world. I can’t wait to recommend this book to my friends. I know everyone will benefit from it in some way!
Miranda S.- Aspiring English Teacher
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  the 30 Day's of Peace eBook
  •  2 FREE bonus eBooks
  •  Access to our Facebook community page
  •  A healthier mind and life
Here is a sneak peek!
That's over a $75 package...
Yours today for only $35!
This deal is too good to pass up!

Get access to our FREE facebook community!
When you purchase 30 Days to Inner Peace, we give you access to our free Facebook community. There, you will be able to start discussions about the daily topics, interact with others that are on the same journey as you, and let us know any thoughts, comments or concerns you may want to bring up during your 30 day journey to peace.

So, what happens after 30 days?
After you finish the eBook, you should feel enlightened, empowered to add the tools discussed our guide to your life, and be at peace with yourself and those around you. We know that everything you need to be at peace is already inside you, we give you the tools you need to unlock that truth, and apply it to your daily life.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes. We are sure that you will LOVE our eBook, 30 Day’s to Inner Peace, but if after completing the e-book in its entirety, you feel like you haven’t gained the peace of mind you where hoping for, we will give you a full refund up to 60 days after your purchase. To see if you qualify for a refund, check out our refund policy.
Purchase 30 Day's to Inner Peace for $35, risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Is 30 Days to Inner Peace a hard copy?
No. Our guide is currently only sold in eBook
form, meaning you will receive instant access
to it via your mobile device, or computer.

Is this a Self-Help book?
Yes. 30 Days to Inner Peace is a guide to help you
help yourself. We give you structured lessons
each day to help you become the enlightened,
peaceful person that you want to be.

Is it really possible to learn to be peaceful?
Anything can be learned with diligence, patience
and practice. If you desire to be more peaceful,
and put in the required effort, it is possible.

Can I expect to feel a change in mood?
Of course you can, all you have to do is apply yourself. We give you helpful advice, that when used correctly should help you feel happier, and less stressed.

Is Leah a certified health care practitioner?
No. I am not a certified therapist, or practitioner.
I have studied health, and have experience in this
field. All products are based off of self-teaching,
or college studies.

Is the content suitable for men and women?
Of course! The contents of 30 Days to Inner Peace
are designed to be useful for men and women alike, everyone should be given an equal opportunity to learn Inner Peace.
So what are you waiting for?
GET started today!
To a peaceful life, and better way of living.
Leah Harris - Wellness nerd and Healthy Living enthusiast

Author and founder of a Natural Endeavor,
author of 30 Days to Inner Peace.
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